Warehouse & Storage
Warehouse/ Storage Service

As part of RKCommunity’s premium subscription services, Premium Lenders have the ability to store qualified items to RKCommunity’s Warehouse for a small monthly fee. This will allow RKCommunity to work with several delivery couriers to provide multiple delivery options such as dropping off and picking up items on the Lender’s behalf.

Can I store my own items in the Warehouse?

Yes, but you will have to become a Premium Lender to have access to this service.

Will there be more warehouses in the future?

Yes, our goal is to expand and have more warehouses in selected areas throughout the country, mainly in dense and populated areas.

How much does it cost to store an item in the warehouse?

As little as $1 per month depending on the size of the item. You can cancel at any time.

What if I want my item back?

Just contact us at [email protected], fourteen (14) days before you need your items so we can pause any future bookings and schedule a time to deliver your items back to you.

What happens if my item breaks?

RKCommunity may reimburse 75% or up to $500 of the estimated value of your item, if deemed necessary.

What items are more likely to get approved?
  • Items that are in good or excellent condition
  • Easy to transport
  • Are stackable or foldable
  • Does not include extra accessories
What might prevent RKCommunity from delivering an item?
  • Renter’s rating
  • Location
  • Unrealistic delivery request