Become a Lender on RKCommunity
15% commission fee
Access to the Marketplace
Automatic invoicing
Booking calendar
Cloud-based rental software
Online storefront
Customizable coupons
Sales and revenue reports
Desktop and Mobile-friendly
Up-to-date statuses on your orders
$1000 RKCommunity rental coverage
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Premium Lenders
$25 per month
Special promotion free for 12 months

Everything you get as a Lender, plus the following

Featured Items
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Zero commission fee
Priority tech support
Multiple delivery options
Free online promotions
Annual data reports on users’ rental behaviors and seasonal rental trends through our database
$3000 RKCommunity rental coverage
No payment required

Why You Should Become a Lender on RKCommunity!

Access to the marketplace

Get access to thousands of users who are searching and renting items on the marketplace.

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A Free Cloud-based Rental Software

Use our one-of-a-kind cloud-based rental software to manage, monitor, and track your inventory.

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In-depth Analytic Reports

With our powerful database, Premium Lenders will receive annual in-depth analytic reports on seasonal trends and rental behavior.

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